Encouraging Active Participation of Foreign Workers

Encouraging Active Participation of Foreign Workers

Seirei Social Welfare Community is home to foreign workers, including not only Filipinos who have come to Japan under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), but also workers of other nationalities. Japanese and foreign workers work together to provide the best quality health care, medical care, social welfare, and nursing care services to patients, seniors and persons with disabilities in our hospitals and social welfare facilities. Regardless of culture or race, Seirei provides equal opportunities for all of its workers, and supports their professional development through programs for cultivating human resources, and by providing an ideal work environment.

1. As Members of the Organization

Japanese and foreign workers alike are encouraged to participate in training in order to improve as professionals and to develop their skills and knowledge. During the first year of employment, newly hired workers are expected to attend induction training. This is followed by advanced training, which focuses mainly on communication and leadership skills, and is open to workers who have a certain number of years of experience and responsibilities. Management training programs are also offered for qualified applicants.
It is highly expected that foreign workers will be appointed to managerial positions in the near future.

2. As Professionals

Special training is also available so that all workers can equally acquire professional skills and systematically improve their skills after they become staff of Seirei. For example, workers engaged in care work receive training in professional skills such as care giving techniques and data recording.

Foreign Workers Support System

There are personnel at every facility specifically assigned to meet and support the needs of foreign workers, so that workers can ask for advice whenever necessary. Japanese language training is supported by licensed and highly qualified personnel.

Recruitment of Foreign Health Care Workers under EPA

Since 2009, Seirei has recruited Filipino health care workers under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Consequently, there are more than 30 foreign workers from the Philippines working in the hospital and care facilities, aiming to obtain the national qualification and to grow up as professionals. Seirei has a plan to recruit foreign workers from Vietnam as well in the year 2018 onwards.

EPA Health Care Workers Recruitment Data
As of July 2017

Foreign workers working in the hospital and care facilities

The Name of the Hospitals and Facilities Language of the Website
Click the Language to see the Website
1 Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital English
2 Seirei Fukuroi Municipal Hospital Japanese
3 Elderly Nursing Home Wagou Aikoen Japanese
4 Care Facility for Persons with Disability Mirutosu Japanese
5 Care Facility for Persons with Disability Shinseiryo Japanese
6 Elderly Nursing Home Hamakita Aikoen Japanese
7 Elderly Nursing Home Morimachi Aikoen Japanese
8 Elderly Nursing Care Facility Mikatahara Bethel Home Japanese
9 Elderly Nursing Home Fujisawa Aikoen Japanese
10 Elderly Nursing Home Hanayashiki Eikoen Japanese
11 Elderly Nursing Home Takarazuka Sumire Eikoen Japanese
12 Elderly Nursing Home Yokosuka Aikoen Japanese
13 Urayasushi Elderly Nursing Home Japanese
14 Elderly Nursing Home Urayasu Aikoen Japanese
15 Elderly Nursing Home Matsudo Aikoen Japanese
16 Senior Residence Fujisawa Eden no Sono II Japanese

Exclusive Trainings and Learning Programs for Foreign Workers under EPA

Before being assigned to their respective hospital and care facilities, foreign workers undergo training and study programs wherein they can deepen their knowledge about Japanese lifestyle, culture, and basic manners. In addition, in order for the workers to maintain the knowledge gained from this learning experience, study programs are held by Japanese language lecturers and responsible personnel at every work site. In addition, Seirei provides EPA workers with a self-study environment by offering learning materials and securing studying space.

Fuji-no-kuni* EPA Network  

In 2011, Seirei Social Welfare Community pioneered a network, which formally started in collaboration with other regional social welfare corporations and medical corporations associated with EPA, the prefecture of Shizuoka, as well as relevant parties of universities. Through the network, the members provide and exchange the information regarding the support for foreign workers who came to Japan through EPA. It a lso provides opportunities for the workers, belonging in different facilities in Shizuoka, to socialize and get acquainted with each other no matter where they come from or when they came to Japan, as well as to share information about their respective facilities and learning experiences through stay-in trainings held periodically.

*Fuji-no-kuni means “Home of Mt. Fuji”.

Message from Foreign Workers 

I learned about Seirei when I was invited along by a friend who went to make a visit to one of its facilities. Everybody was polite and courteous, and that gave me the impression that Seirei places importance on people. It was through this experience that I decided to work at Seirei, and now I am in my tenth year in service. The 10 years of service did not always go smoothly, but I feel so much joy in experiencing all these human emotions, both good and bad, through the people I met and worked with at this job. I will treasure these encounters, and will spend every day with happiness and a smile.
----Certified Care Worker 「Y.L」(Employed since 2006)
Elderly nursing home Fujisawa Aikoen
Kanagawa Prefecture

Life abroad is never easy. Being away from home meant dealing with differences in culture, foreign mindsets, and language. There were hurdle to face every day. Every step was hard, but Seirei motivated me to commit, aspire, and excel in the field I have chosen for my career. I am here now and am currently working with superb individuals who make me feel as if I never left home.
----Certified EPA Care Worker 「A.D」(Employed since 2010)
Elderly nursing home Hamakita Aikoen
Shizuoka Prefecture

I am married to a Japanese national, with four children, three of whom attend wonderful local schools. Working for Seirei, I really enjoy their high level of professionalism, and appreciate their respect for my cultural differences. Seirei also offers great health insurance and other services for their employees. What I love about my work is when I am able to respond to a resident's personal care needs and they tell me "Thank you".
----Certified Care Worker 「G.F」(Employed since 2014)
Elderly nursing home Wagou Aikoen
Shizuoka Prefecture

Japan is truly a country of endless discoveries, with its breath-taking scenery, respectful people, and unique cultural practices. Everything I know about being a successful nurse in Japan was founded on the learning experience provided by Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital. Every day, I am driven to perform my best at work, because of the trust given by my patients, coupled with my passion to see them healthy and free from illness.
----Certified EPA Nurse 「J.P」(Employed since 2014)
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital
Shizuoka Prefecture

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