Message from the President

Our organization started operations in the year 1930, with our forerunners focused on the care
of destitute people suffering from tuberculosis. With the passage of time, and in response to the
era and demands of the local community, our organization has evolved into a comprehensive
social welfare community that offers services in four fields: health care, medical care, social
welfare, and nursing care.

With the advancement of an aging society and declining birth rate in Japan, our country's social
structure and various systems have also changed dramatically. This is an unprecedented event,
so safety nets are needed to ensure the safety of everyone living in our community. Given this, I
would like to extend my social contribution, upholding these three management principles.

1. Pursuing our Organizational Mission
Focusing on the future of our community, we offer pioneering and innovative services in
cooperation with the government and other institutions. We also promote public activities and
the disclosure of information in order to further establish public trust as a social welfare

2. Delivering Services of Superior Quality
We offer safe, high quality services, through our comprehensive service which is unique to
Seirei. As the greatest advantage of our organization's interpersonal services, we offer the highest
quality in the entire region.

3. Focusing Efforts on Human Resource Development
We the employees will spare no effort in our professional development and in the improvement
of our knowledge, skills, and attitude. At the same time, we employ a system to cultivate human
resources and enhance training programs with the aim of producing talented and capable
medical and nursing care professionals.

Although Seirei Social Welfare Community has developed and improved in the past years, it is
still my greatest hope that we continue to be an organization that can lend a helping hand to
even a single person in need of help. We will continue to preserve the dignity of our customers,
support their independent living, and contribute to building a better community.